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We had a chance to speak with the 22 years from Tijuana Mexico about his fashion experiences and some of his goals. His unique experience of living in Mexico and California has definitely shaped who he is and his sense of style. Learn why he loves hoodies, why Disney is a turn-off, and what's driving him to want to dress someone for a Gala, all in our conversation with Armando.

Where are you from? How old are you?

 I am from Tijuana, Mexico and I am 22 years old.


What are your interests/hobbies?

My main interests/hobbies are fashion, photography, music, and food. I love learning new things, so my list of interests/hobbies is constantly growing.


 Current Occupation or school that you attend? (if you do not feel like sharing you do not have to)

 I went to school for Foreign Trades and Customs and currently work with a customs brokerage firm in San Diego, CA.


How long have you been into fashion?

To be honest, I don’t remember when I fully realized that fashion is something that I love. However, I feel like I have been into fashion my whole life.


What got you into fashion?

I have always been an individual who likes to express himself. What got me into fashion? Growing up, I always felt like an outcast. Fashion was my way of standing out in a positive way.


 How would you describe your sense of style?

I would describe my sense of style as streetwear meets high-fashion (on a budget). I like to joke and say that my style depends on my mood. Just like my mood, my tastes are constantly changing and am always eager to try out different things, including gender-neutral pieces.


How has living in TJ shaped your style and your fashion sense?

Living in a border town has truly been a unique experience. I feel like a lot of people in TJ dress a certain way and I knew that I didn’t want to just blend in. Living here has allowed me to see the fashion trends that exist both in TJ and in the U.S. I feel like I am constantly working to incorporate elements of both. I also follow a lot of other non-American designers and attempt to incorporate those trends into my fashion choices as well.


Where do you find your inspiration for your style? And what influences you the most?

 I think most of my inspiration comes from music. I love music so much and I’m not someone who sticks to just one genre. I like to give everything a try, so I constantly listen to what’s new from multiple genres. Also, social media has a big influence on my style. I love people expressing themselves through fashion and sharing it online. And of course, there is Pop Culture in general. I think it’s something that has definitely shaped my style. I grew up with my sisters and they were the ones who introduced me to everything pop culture, so ever since I was a kid I’ve been really interested in pop culture and love getting inspiration from it.



Who is your fashion spirit animal/who inspires you? And why? (artist, athlete, actor etc.)

One of my biggest inspirations is Kerby Jean-Raymond. (The head designer from Pyer Moss)

I feel like his designs are not only something that you can pull off on the runway but also something you can wear in your day to day life. He is socially conscious and works to incorporate that into his pieces. He has made a name for himself in such a short period of time and is such an inspiration to me.


What are your favorite fashion pieces? (hats, belts, hoodies etc.)

 I love hoodies. They are so versatile, and you can always find a way to incorporate them into an outfit. I also love jackets.


What are your favorite brands?

Designers: Pyer Moss, Balenciaga, and Chanel


Brands: TopMan, H&M, and Levi’s



What current fashion trends are you loving right now?

 I love oversized pieces, especially with the weather right now. I’m also obsessed with fanny packs or chest bags because they can really add that “wow factor” to your outfit. I also love Puffy Jackets. They are definitely one of my favorite fashion trends right now.


Which ones are you hating?

I think the biggest disaster and something that I’m really over it is definitely the Disney madness. I feel like we’ve seen it already and we definitely do not need more clothes with anything printed or embroidered with Mickey’s, Minnie’s, or Pluto’s face. I just don’t think is worth it. 


The most important piece of an outfit is ____? Why?

I think that the most important piece of an outfit is a jacket. A jacket always makes a statement and can be used to build the rest of the outfit.


Do you have a dream fashion piece? (a specific coat, belt, pants etc.)    

The Balenciaga 2017 Bomber Jacket or anything Pyer Moss off the runway.


What are your goals and aspirations with fashion? Where do you see yourself ending up?

I really want to continue building my online presence and eventually establish myself as a designer. I would love the opportunity to collaborate with other designers and help people express themselves through fashion. Ultimately, I see myself as a participant in various fashion weeks. One of my big goals, once I become a well-known designer, is to dress someone for the Met Gala. 

If you would like to keep up with Armando's journey make sure to follow him on his social media below: 

Instagram: @iamnando

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