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Benrezzy is a 90's baby from West Africa who grew up in Houston Texas with a dope sense of fashion. Like all of us, social media has played a huge role in terms of his look. See why he thinks tops are so important, how he feels about the streetwear movement, and his thoughts on Jordan Retro's all in our conversation with Benrezzy.



Where are you from? How old are you?

Originally from West Africa, grew up in Houston Texas, I’m a 90s baby, Age is nothing but a number



What are your interests/hobbies?

I don’t have specific interests or hobbies, growing up I always find myself doing different things, I just love learning about people and science.


How long have you been into fashion?

I have always been into fashion because I believe fashion is a way of life, everyone has some sort of fashion sense. I started taking fashion seriously about 3 years ago.


What got you into fashion?

Tbh Instagram, I just saw the wave of Instagram models, everyone was fashion forward and being extra creative with their photos and I felt like I belong



How would you describe your sense of style?

I’m into streetwear but I also like mixing streetwear with high end


How has living in _____ shaped your style and your fashion sense?Benrezzy Streetwear Fashion Influencer

My curiosity level went up, being into fashion, I research more and figure things out, I now have a better understanding of how things work in the fashion industry.


Where do you find your inspiration for your style? And what influences you the most?

My inspiration comes from people.  I study what people wear and I’ll decide if it fits my personality.


Who is your fashion spirit animal/who inspires you? And why? (artist, athlete, actor etc.)

A lot of people inspires me because we learn and take from each other, I don’t look up to anyone as far as dressing, but if they have pieces I like, I wouldn’t mind purchasing it and making it mine.


What are your favorite fashion pieces? (hats, belts, hoodies etc.)

I have always been a shoes guy, growing up especially in high school I use to try to collect as many Jordan retros I could get my hands one.


What are your favorite brands?

Funny enough I don’t have a favorite brand, because I just buy anything I like.


What current fashion trends are you loving right now?

I’m loving the streetwear movement, I like how everyone is trying to start their own brand


Which ones are you hating?

I don’t hate on no one



The most important piece of an outfit is ____? Why?

The Top, because that’s the first thing people see when they look at you


Do you have a dream fashion piece? (a specific coat, belt, pants etc.)    

Not really, because things get old, meaning I might want something and later on I don’t feel like I need it.


What are your goals and aspirations with fashion? Where do you see yourself ending up?

I don’t know, life is full of surprises, I just want to be the best version of myself



Benrezzy Streetwear Fashion Influencer

 Photos by: @ageoftega

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