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The 19-year-old from Pittsburg considers himself a real Hypebeast. You can definitely tell by some of his favorite brands that this rings true. With a passion to build his personal brand, he is still very young and on his way. Find out why he thinks shoes are so important, some of his favorite fashion trends, and more, all in our conversation with Logan.

What are your interests/hobbies?

Now this is a hard one I love to do so many things and am always trying new things but some of my favorites would have to be skateboarding, snowboarding, Cars, traveling  and obviously I’m into clothing And fashion I mean the list goes on for this one I’m really big into trying new things and getting the experience.

How long have you been into fashion?

Since middle school around 8th grade 


What got you into fashion?

Browsing Instagram I stumbled across the Instagram page streetwear not sure if it’s still around but that page sparked my interest into street wear.


How would you describe your sense of style?

My sense of style is leaning more towards a hype beast but I get lots of inspiration for streetwear for sure.


How has living in Pittsburgh shaped your style and your fashion sense?

Around my area, there are not too many people that are into hype brands or “style” so I shaped my own fashion sense.


Where do you find your inspiration for your style? And what influences you the most?

Sometimes on Instagram most of the time I make my own fits.


Who is your fashion spirit animal/who inspires you? And why? (artist, athlete, actor etc.)

That would have to go to GullyGuyLeo as he’s known of Instagram. I’ve followed him since the day I got into clothing I get a lot of inspiration from his fits.


What are your favorite fashion pieces? (hats, belts, hoodies etc.)

Big fan of hoodies.


What are your favorite brands?

My all-time favorite brand would have to be Louis Vuitton. But some of my other favorite brands would have to be supreme, palace, kappa, off-white, etc


What current fashion trends are you loving right now?

Bags- Chest-bag, crossbody bags, Fanny packs, etc


Which ones are you hating?

Not many trends I’m hating at the moment I usually like most of the trends. But I gotta say wallet chains now don’t get me wrong I love wallet chains as a trend I even wear them but some people just take it to the extreme.. That I’m not a fan of


The most important piece of an outfit is ____? Why?

The shoes for sure. Let’s say you're wearing a pair of dickies pants say you paired those with a pair of Yeezys that would ruin your fit… Shoes mean everything.


Do you have a dream fashion piece? (a specific coat, belt, pants etc.)    

One of my dream pieces at the moment would have to be the clear Off-white chuck 70 Converse.


What are your goals and aspirations with fashion? Where do you see yourself ending up?

Some of my goals would be to build my Personal brand and grow my social media account. Not sure where I see my self ending up I’m definitely working hard to grow my Instagram account and build my brand and I’m just going to see where that takes me.


To keep up with Logan and follow his journey make sure to follow him on his social media below: 

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